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This site “ONSEN WAKIPEDIA” is to introduce “温泉 (ONSEN)” (hot spring) in Japan.


ONSEN has wide range of attractiveness which most of the people living outside Japan and even many of Japanese people as well might not be aware. I started this site because I want to share what is special about ONSEN and how ONSEN could be beneficial for your lives.


At the present day, most of the people including Japanese regard ONSEN as the leisure spot where you can relax and refresh by bathing in natural ONSEN with eating fabulous Japanese cuisines with full of local specialties. Of course, that is also true.


However, that is only the surface of ONSEN. If you come to know the history of ONSEN, culture of local people who are with ONSEN in their daily lives, and people’s perception on ONSEN, you will be attracted by the depth of ONSEN world and you will surely come to want to know more about it.


ONSEN used to be a Japanese traditional curing method, as one of the Oriental medicines, which had actually cured a lot of injuries and diseases of people in the past. Depending on the spring quality, each ONSEN has different effects to your health. Needless to say, it has cured not only physical injuries and diseases, it has functioned to cleanse or purify people’s mind especially before going to worship Shinto shrines or Buddhism Temples. Although Japanese people usually don’t have specific religion to believe, ONSEN has had closer relationship with Shinto and Buddhism where the origin of Japanese people’s mindset, moral, and sense of value come from.


In addition, since ONSEN has a certain effect, it is utilized at a lot of things such as skincare products, foods & beverages, dyed goods, and so on.


“湯治 (TOUJI)” is the traditional way of fully enjoying the benefit of ONSEN. Although this traditional TOUJI has been gradually disappearing, some of TOUJI places have transformed their shapes to fit in the present day which is worth experiencing.

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“銭湯 (SENTO)” is the public bath house in Japan, and there are a lot of SENTOs even in Tokyo metropolitan even in the present day. It has been very close to Japanese people. Many of SENTOs offer you natural ONSEN as well.

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Not just the ONSEN to bathe in, when you visit ONSEN places, you will encounter a lot of Japanese local cultures, sightseeing spots, and foods which have a long history. This is also one of the attractiveness of ONSEN trip.

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ONSEN is not just a bath. It reflects Japanese history, culture, foods, people’s insight, and so on. Although there are so many sites related to ONSEN in Japan, but most of them are only written in Japanese language. Even though some are written in English, most of them only introduce the spots of ONSEN and introduce only the surface of ONSEN. As an ONSEN Sommelier (a qualification in Japan), I want to share the attractiveness of ONSEN to the world. I sincerely hope that as many people as possible in the world come to know the attractiveness of ONSEN and this wonderful ONSEN would be sustainable forever.


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