Infinity ONSEN right in front of ocean where you can see beautiful moon road

“KURONEIWA BURO (黒根岩風呂)” at HOKKAWA ONSEN (北川温泉), IZU Peninsula, SHIZUOKA Prefecture, is located at sea level, right in front of ocean. At this infinity pool of natural ONSEN, you can enjoy its superb view and feel the great nature surrounding you.

Since it is located at east side of IZU Peninsula, you can easily access here from Tokyo. First, take the limited express “The Super View ODORIKO” from Tokyo and you will reach IZU ATAGAWA Station (伊豆熱川駅) in 2 hours 20 minutes, and take TOKAI Bus there to reach HOKKAWA ONSEN Stop.

Since it faces the Pacific Ocean, people call it “open-air bath with viewing America”. Although America cannot be seen from here, people used to think of America far away with bathing in ONSEN here.

In addition, what is special here is the night with a full moon. “Moon road” which is the moon light reflecting on the ocean looks like a shining road to the moon, and it is amazingly beautiful. During 3 days before and after the full moon, many hotels, shops, and restaurants around here give beer or sweets for free.

“KURONEIWA BURO” is a public bath at this HOKKAWA ONSEN, and those who stay at the hotels and inns in this area can use this KURONEIWA BURO for free. If you are not staying the hotels or inns in this area, you can use this with the fares of 600 yen. (As of April 2019)

This KURONEIWA BURO has 3 bathtubs. It also used to be a “mixed bath” in the past, where men and women share the precious ONSEN in the same bathtub, but now it has changed to the new way which men and women’s bath switch depending on time.

Here is the link for the related article about “mixed bathing” which used to be one of the Japanese traditional cultures. I would be appreciated if you would read this article to understand this precious Japanese bathing culture.

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The spring quality of this KURONEIWA BURO at HOKKAI ONSEN is sodium chloride spring, and it is “GENSEN KAKENAGASHI (源泉掛け流し)” which is free flowing ONSEN directly springing out from the source.

I just wanted to keep bathing in this ONSEN with gazing at sea spray and the color of sky changing. It shows many faces according to the season, climate, and time of the day. It is really wonderful to bathe in the blessings of nature with gazing at various faces of the nature.

This opens during 6:30 to 9:30 in the morning, and 13:00 to 21:00 in the afternoon as of April 2019, but it is advisable to check it before visiting there.

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