One-day skin purification by “Functional bathing” procedure at private outdoor bathes of YUYA EBISU

Private family bathes of YUYA EBISU for one-day visitors

EBISUYA (御宿ゑびす屋) is an ONSEN RYOKAN at MYOBAN ONSEN (明礬温泉), which is one of the 8 ONSEN places in BEPPU (別府八湯), and they have long history of 143 years since they started operation in 1876.

MYOBAN ONSEN has 2 spring quality, which are “Simple spring” and “Sulfur spring”, and this place has cured and healed mental and physical problems of many people since EDO Period.

“Sulfur spring (硫黄泉)”, which has unique smell and milky white color, has a peeling effect which is to peel and remove the dead skin and dirt of the skin. On the other hand, “Simple spring (単純泉)”, which is weak alkaline, colorless and transparent, has a moisturizing effect to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

In BEPPU, these 2 spring qualities are called “シャン泉・リン泉 (SHAN-SEN / RIN-SEN)”, which means “a spring for shampoo, and a spring for rinse (conditioner)”, and if you bathe in Sulfur spring first and then Simple spring, your skin becomes really smooth just as when you do shampoo and then conditioner.

This is called “Functional bathing”, and this procedure is highly recommended in BEPPU. Although in many cases you need to visit multiple places to enjoy both of these spring qualities, but here at EBISUYA, you can enjoy this benefit of 2 spring qualities since they have both at one place.

In addition to the skin purification, these “Sulfur spring” and “Simple spring” have some other good effects. “Sulfur spring” contains hydrogen sulfide gas which broadens blood capillaries and lowers blood pressure. People often say that its smell is like rotten eggs, but ONSEN lovers like me really love this smell. It actually has high medical effect and good for recovery from fatigue as well as curing skin diseases and cuts. On the other hand, “Simple spring” has good effects for recovery from fatigue, stress reduction, and health promotion. The reason why it’s called “Simple spring” is because it doesn’t contain above certain amount of specific components like sulfur or chloride, and that means, if you look at it from the opposite side, it doesn’t have too much stimulation, and it’s the best spring quality for babies, elderly persons, beginners of ONSEN, and those who want to try as many spring qualities as possible among 10 spring qualities in Japan.

Lots of bathes for one-day visitors

This EBISUYA operates “EBISU NO YU” which is the bath house for one-day visitors. It has lots of indoor & outdoor bathes at ground floor and the 2nd floor which includes a large public bath, jacuzzi bath, magnesium bath, and so on, so that you can enjoy various types of bathes here. (Outdoor bath on the ground floor is for women, and the indoor bath on the 2nd floor is for men on odd days / vice versa on even days) In addition, there’s a stone sauna which is one and only here in MYOBAN ONSEN. Each floor has dozens of lockers for your belongings.

Moreover, “YUYA EBISU (湯屋ゑびす)”, which is the family bath, has 5 private bathrooms. Since I came here with my family, we decided to take this family bath. It is rare and precious to have Sulfur spring at private outdoor bath here in MYOBAN ONSEN, and you can spend a good time with your loved family without concerning anyone else. It’s the best for couples, families, or those who hesitate to be naked in front of the others.

This family bath has 5 private bathrooms, which names are “FUKU (福)”, “RAKU (楽)”, “HANA (花)”, “KAZE (風)”, and “SATO (里)”. Among them, “FUKU” and “RAKU” equips jacuzzi. It’s also rare to have jacuzzi in this kind of outdoor ONSEN.

We chose “RAKU” which has jacuzzi and the largest bathroom among 5. From any of these private family bathrooms, you can see peaceful mountain stream right in front, and you can enjoy bathing in ONSEN with feeling the nature. See, this milky-white ONSEN. This is one of the unique features of Sulfur spring in MYOBAN ONSEN. Since this ONSEN contains acid as well, pay attention when you wash your face because it smarts a bit.

If you want to enjoy ONSEN with your loved one privately, I recommend to visit here.

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