Eco, fun, and healthy. Variety of steamed cuisines by natural ONSEN steam

As already introduced in some separate posts, BEPPU in OITA Prefecture has the great scenery which natural steam of ONSEN is endlessly flowing here and there in the town. By utilizing this steam, a lot of steamed cuisines are served at restaurants and facilities in this city.

The most common steamed food which is served at most of the ONSEN places in Japan is eggs. But here in BEPPU, it’s not only egg, but so many dishes and cuisines are cooked by the steam of ONSEN.


JIGOKU MUSHI KOBO KANNAWA (地獄蒸し工房鉄輪) is a municipal facility where customers can experience cooking steamed food by themselves.

“JIGOKU MUSHI” literary means “Hell Steam” or “steamed in hell”. From the past, the scenery of this KANNAWA Town with countless number of steam rising has been called “hell”, but it’s now regarded as the heaven where you can fully enjoy the benefit of natural ONSEN.

There are so many kinds of things in the menu. Seafood, meat, vegetables, dumplings, rice, bread and so on. In addition to these pre-fix menu, customers can bring their own foods and steam them here. It’s like a co-cooking kitchen here.

These are the dishes we ordered. We ordered fish (sea bream), pork shabu-shabu, prawn & squid dumplings, eggs, and chicken rice. As you can see, a stopwatch is also handed and some instruction about how long you should steam is given by the staff.

Now, let’s start steaming them. Since we were the first time customer, staff kindly helped us a lot.

These are the steamers. You are instructed which steamer to use.

First, take off the lid, and put all I bought one by one.

Several minutes later, when stopwatch rings, take out the steamed foods.

Then, see! These are the steamed foods by natural ONSEN steam!

Since this steam comes from chloride spring, it subtlely contains salt, so that you can enjoy the sophisticated taste of each ingredient. It’s really fun and healthy.


OKAMOTOYA (岡本屋) is located on a hill of MYOBAN ONSEN (明礬温泉) which is one of the 8 main ONSEN places in BEPPU. It’s just 10 minutes drive from JIGOKU MUSHI KOBO KANNAWA.

What makes this OKAMOTOYA so special is its “JIGOKU MUSHI Pudding”. The pudding here is made by the steam of natural ONSEN, and which makes it so tasty and healthy.

I ordered this JIGOKU MUSHI Pudding together with coffee. In addition to that, I also ordered egg sandwich of which eggs are also steamed by ONSEN steam. Like I mentioned, eggs steamed by ONSEN steam contains salt just a bit so that it’s really tasty.

You can eat at the outside terrace with seeing rising steam, and it’s so wonderful to feel the power of nature.

Otto e Sette Oita

Otto e Sette Oita is the Italian restaurant located in TOUJI YANAGIYA.

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It’s definitely not just Italian restaurant, but it’s Italian restaurant using steamed ingredients by ONSEN steam!! How cool it is!!

This is one of the reasons why TOUJI YANAGIYA is thought to be the representative of “modern TOUJI”. Although TOUJI is still regarded as old and traditional culture in Japan, YANAGIYA has this very modern restaurant and people can enjoy the benefit of ONSEN in a brand-new way.

We came here for lunch and ordered lunch course. I was so impressed that each dish looks so nice and sophisticated even though it’s cooked in a very traditional way with ONSEN steam.

The appetizer we chose was carpaccio of greater amberjack together with ricotta cheese and dragon fruit.

For pasta, we chose tomato sauce and pesto sauce, and actually both of them were really amazing.

Then for main dish, we chose steamed pork and fish. I hadn’t thought that JIGOKU MUSHI could make such variety of dishes before coming to this restaurant, but I was so surprised that the variety of dishes they serve and the possibility of this ONSEN steam.

Bread and palate cleanser are also cool and cute.

The lunch course also includes dessert and drink as well. We had really nice time here. Next time I want to visit here for dinner too.

Sally Garden

Sally Garden is a cake shop, and the history of TOUJI YANAGIYA started from this cake shop.

Look at this steam! What is special about this Sally Garden is its chiffon cake. Nice chiffon cake is steamed here and surprisingly, they give it to people walking here free of charge!!

It tastes really gentle. You can walk around this KANNAWA town with eating this, or you can spend calm time inside this cake shop.

Eco, fun, and healthy

ONSEN is not just to bathe in. It’s a blessing of nature and this power of earth is now well utilized for cooking as well. JIGOKU MUSHI (hell steam) is not a hell, but the place where you can appreciate the earth the most. It’s really eco, fun, and healthy!

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