KANNAWA ONSEN town where steam of ONSEN is endlessly rising

BEPPU (別府) in OITA Prefecture is the heaven of ONSEN. It has the largest yield of natural hot spring and the largest number of spring source in Japan.

Moreover, among 10 registered medical ONSEN in Japan, BEPPU has 7 types. It’s really a wonderful place where you can enjoy 7 types of medical ONSEN in one city.

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Generally, “BEPPU ONSEN” is the general term which covers 8 ONSEN places in BEPPU as below.

  • BEPPU ONSEN (別府温泉)
  • KANNAWA ONSEN (鉄輪温泉)
  • KANKAIJI ONSEN (観海寺温泉)
  • HORITA ONSEN (堀田温泉)
  • MYOBAN ONSEN (明礬温泉)

These 8 ONSEN places are called “BEPPU HATTO” (BEPPU 8 ONSEN places), and you can enjoy different types of medical ONSEN, which each of them has different effect.

Actually, BEPPU City is not that big city so that you can drive around these 8 places so easily, and even though you don’t have car, the public transportation is well advanced so that you can move around.

Beautiful KANNAWA Town

Among these 8 places, I somehow love KANNAWA ONSEN the best. I really don’t know why. But when I first visited KANNAWA ONSEN, I somehow felt nostalgia in this town. Yes, the town of KANNAWA ONSEN is very cozy and a lot of old traditional houses, buildings, shops are still remaining.

And the most important thing is steam of ONSEN. In this KANNAWA ONSEN town, steam of natural ONSEN is endlessly rising here and there. While walking around the town, you will feel the power of earth, and ONSEN which is blessings of nature really comes from the land.

Once you go into the main street “IDEYU ZAKA”, you’ll see old beautiful Japanese buildings here and there, steam of ONSEN here and there, and public bath houses and foot bathes here and there.

And surprisingly, the address around here is named “FUROMOTO (風呂本)” which literally means “origin of ONSEN”. This place is exactly the place of the ONSEN lovers, by the ONSEN lovers, for the ONSEN lovers.

Amazing scenery which earth and human beings co-create

When sun was going down, I climbed up the small hill because I wanted to see the beautiful sunset. Then, I encountered this breathtaking scenery. A lot of warm town lights, beautiful mountain and bay with sunset, and the uncountable steam of natural ONSEN which is endlessly rising from the land.

Tradition meets modern

While I walked around the town, I encountered very beautiful old traditional house. It’s called “FUJIYA GALLERY HANAYAMOMO”. It used to be a high-class ONSEN hotel called “FUJIYA RYOKAN” which opened in 1898, and now this registered tangible cultural property has changed to cultural spaces which has gallery, cafe, shops, and event space. With well keeping how it used to look, it completely meets modern style as well. Perfect space.

Official site of FUJIYA GALLERY HANAYAMOMO: https://www.fujiya-momo.jp/contact-1

I was thinking about various things while I was drinking coffee at this cafe. Yes, my dream is to share people in the world the attractiveness of natural ONSEN in Japan. Although ONSEN trip and traditional TOUJI trip is becoming less popular now in Japan, this blessings of nature which cures and heals both mental and physical disorders is worth evaluated more and more from the world. Here at KANNAWA town, I really felt the power of ONSEN which springs out from the earth, and I also felt the place where nature and human culture meets and tradition and modern meets. This trip made me renew my determination to start up my own business here in this KANNAWA town.

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