Autumn drive from BEPPU to YUFUIN

It was early morning at 6:55am when our ferry “Sunflower” reached the ferry terminal of BEPPU City, the heaven of ONSEN (natural hot spring).


Since we reserved a rental car at 8:00am, we still had time till then.

We decided to have breakfast at YOSHINOYA (吉野家), a well-known beef bowl chain restaurant in Japan, where I think most of Japanese people must have been at least once.

Although it’s not a fancy restaurant and it’s rather a cheap restaurant, but I sometimes feel like going there.

It’s kind of a soul food of Japan.



At 8:00am, we picked up a car.

Today, we will drive to YUFUIN (湯布院), another famous place for ONSEN.



On the way, we have decided to stop by at APU (RITSUMEIKAN Asia Pacific University). We wanted to visit here once as we knew this university has the largest number of international students in Japan. One of my friend is an alumnus of this university and he told me a lot of attractiveness of this university. Almost half are Japanese and half are international students. This is the style of this university. Classes are conducted both in English and Japanese.



The campus is really huge and the panoramic landscape of BEPPU Bay is visible from here.

Really spacious and comfortable to be here.





At the cafeteria, “Muslim friendly menu” is also available.


While walking around the campus, I saw a lot of students enjoying conversation with friends in various languages like English, Chinese, Korean as well as Japanese.


Although Japan has been becoming more diversified compared to the past, but from the global perspective, this country is still an isolated island country with less diversity where few people can communicate in English and most people hesitate to communicate with non-Japanese.


This place might be the most diversified place in Japan, and this place might be future where Japan is heading to.



I believe my mission is to share the attractiveness of ONSEN and TOUJI, which are Japanese traditional method of retreat, to the world. I believe these are worth known, accepted, and loved boarderlessly by more and more people in the world. On the other hand, BEPPU here is the heaven of ONSEN where has the largest yield of natural hot spring and largest number of spring source in Japan. APU here is the place where students from all over the world gather at this heaven of ONSEN. I couldn’t stop feeling some kind of fateful encounter with this university.



Beautiful autumn leaves at KINRINKO lake.


After staying a while at the campus, we headed to KINRINKO Lake (金鱗湖) in YUFUIN where beautiful autumn leaves are famous for.


On the way, the road was covered by the natural tunnel of autumn trees which was really beautiful.



Autumn leaves in KINRINKO Lake is amazingly beautiful. Mix of uncountable colors. It’s like a color palette. Nature is really a magic.





Panoramic landscape at SAGIRIDAI Overlook.


After that, we drove to SAGIRIDAI Overlook (狭霧台) on the hill. The panoramic view of mountain and town is really wonderful.




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