ONSEN where you can be immortal!?

ONSEN where you can be immortal!?


Did you know there is an ONSEN named “Immortal ONSEN” where you could be immortal? I couldn’t stop feeling like visiting there right after I heard of this name. The ONSEN named “不老ふ死温泉 (FURO FUSHI ONSEN / Immortal ONSEN)” is located at 深浦町 (FUKAURA Town) facing Japan Sea in AOMORI Prefecture. “不老不死 (FURO FUSHI / Immortal)”, the spirituality which has been believed since ancient times in Japan, was similarly believed by 秦の始皇帝 (Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of unified China) and Vampire as well. Japanese people might have felt that spirituality in ONSEN. The relationship between body and ONSEN is that close for Japanese people.


How to access to this “Immortal ONSEN”?


Let’s go to 新青森駅 (SHIN AOMORI Station) first. You can get to SHIN AOMORI Station by JR train in just 6 minutes from 青森駅 (AOMORI Station) where SHINKANSEN stops. If you fly to AOMORI airport, it takes 30 minutes from the airport by bus. The hotel shuttle picks you up at this SHIN AOMORI Station only in winter. It takes 3 hours from SHIN AOMORI Station to “Immortal ONSEN”. How far this precious and mysterious ONSEN is, and how huge AOMORI Prefecture is!!


Breath-taking view of golden sunset with bathing in ONSEN.


Source: Official Facebook of 不老ふ死温泉


This “Immortal ONSEN” is located inside the national park at the foot of 白神山地 (SHIRAKAMI Mountains) which is well known as one of the World Heritage (National Heritage Site) of UNESCO. Surrounded by roughness and loneliness of Japan Sea, this place is where you can only hear the sound of the sea and song of birds. Although this is not a TOUJI YADO but an ONSEN hotel, I visited here to feel this spirituality of ONSEN.


The spring quality is iron containing / sodium / magnesium / chloride strong spring. Since the water temperature at the source is 52.2℃, they add some water to cool it down to the proper temperature. The spring quality here makes your body warm and moisturized, and especially it is good for women who tend to lack iron. Although it is not mentioned in their official spring quality, the ONSEN here also contains a lot of metasilicic acid which functions as a booster for your beautiful skin. This is the ONSEN where women definitely try.


More importantly, this ONSEN is where you can calmly bathe in with viewing vast ocean and amazingly beautiful sunset, and it definitely cleanse all your fatigue and stress both physically and mentally. If you bathe in here all day long from sunrise to sunset, you really might be able to get immortality.


This gourd shaped bath is the signature bath of “Immortal ONSEN”. It is a mixed bath where both men and women bathe in the same bathtub, but you can wear bath towel.


Source: Official Facebook of 不老ふ死温泉


Right next to this signature mixed bath, there is another bath exclusively for women. However obviously this signature bath has much better feeling.


Source: Official Facebook of 不老ふ死温泉


Indoor large bath


There is also an indoor large bath which is also called “不老ふ死の湯 (FURO FUSHI NO YU)” at the annex building of this hotel which you can enjoy panoramic view of Japan Sea as well as steam sauna. The main building of this hotel also has an indoor bath named “黄金の湯 (Golden Spring)” which welcomes 日帰り温泉 (One day ONSEN visitors) as well.


不老ふ死の湯 (FURO FUSHI NO YU), Source: Official Facebook of 不老ふ死温泉


黄金の湯 (Golden Spring), Source: Official Facebook of 不老ふ死温泉


Enjoy the local seafoods and surrounding nature


At this hotel, the local super fresh seafoods of FUKAURA Town, AOMORI Prefecture are served.


The hotel has various types of rooms which are Japanese rooms, Japanese-Western rooms, Wester single rooms, and Western twin rooms. Although all of them are simple, they are very decent and comfortable to stay.


What you cannot miss is 白神山地 (SHIRAKAMI Mountains) which is one of the World Natural Heritage Site near here. The trekking tour around 白神十二湖 (SHIRAKAMI Twelve Lakes) is worth joining.


Although it is located very far and takes a lot of time, it will surely become your unforgettable memory to bathe in “Immortal ONSEN” with viewing roughness of Japan Sea and amazingly beautiful sunset over the sea.


Address: 青森県西津軽郡深浦町大字舮作字下清滝15

Official website: http://www.furofushi.com/english


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