ONSEN hotel with panoramic ocean & Mt. Fuji view – “Umi no Hotel ISABA (Heda Spa ISABA)”

A hotel on a hill with panoramic view of ocean and Mt. Fuji


When you travel around IZU Peninsula, I would recommend you to stay at “Umi no Hotel ISABA (Heda Spa ISABA)”.


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“Umi no Hotel ISABA (Heda Spa ISABA)” is located at 戸田温泉 (HEDA ONSEN), West IZU Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture. There is 駿河湾 (SURUGA WAN / SURUGA Bay), a sea area of Pacific ocean which is located west side of IZU Peninsula. Since this hotel is located at the coastline of west IZU Peninsula right in front of sea of SURUGA Bay, the sunset from here must be spectacular!


This hotel is on a hill where you can overlook the sea. All of their 30 guest rooms are “Ocean View” and 20 rooms out of 30 have private open air bath in each room.


“静の海 (SHIZUKA NO UMI / Calm Ocean)”, a room with private fine view open air bath.


I have stayed at the room named 静の海 (SHIZUKA NO UMI / Calm Ocean), and this room has a private fine view open air bath with stone bathtub. This room also has an indoor veranda with counter seats which is the best to drink chilled beer after bathing in ONSEN. Really luxury room.




The ocean right in front of me was quite calm, and I bathed in ONSEN with viewing calm ocean without thinking anything.


The spring quality here is Sodium / Calcium / Sulfate hot spring, which is good for your skin.


Large public bath floating in the sea.


The large public bath of this hotel is the open air bath on the roof. If you bathe in here, you will feel as if you are bathing in ONSEN floating in the sea. The panoramic view of SURUGA Bay can be seen right in front of you here. They alternate men and women according to the time of day.


There is another roof top large public bath named “富士見の湯 (FUJI MI NO YU)”. In Japan, there are many places named “富士見 (FUJI MI )” and it means “View of Mt. Fuji”. This means you can view Mt. Fuji from this bath.


Both of these large public bathes are located right in front of the ocean. You can bathe in ONSEN with viewing ocean. It doesn’t take time to release your physical and mental fatigue here.


There are also several private bathes you can reserve time for private bathing.


What is special about this hotel is obviously its panoramic view of ocean, Mt. Fuji, and sunset. This amazing landscape can be seen while you are bathing in ONSEN.


“汐のかほり (SHIO NO KAORI)” and “波のしらべ (NAMI NO SHIRABE)” are the private bathes with view of sunset at SURUGA Bay. “富士のゆき (FUJI NO YUKI)” is the private bath with view of HEDA Port and Mt. Fuji, and it also has stone sauna. “夕日のかがやき (YUHI NO KAGAYAKI)” is the private bath with view of sunset at SURUGA Bay and Mt. Fuji. Obviously “夕日のかがやき (YUHI NO KAGAYAKI)” must be the best choice for me because I love to see sunset and the sunset with Mt. Fuji and ocean must be unforgettable scenery.



Unfortunately, it was cloudy when I stayed here so that I couldn’t see Mt. Fuji, but I’m sure I will come back here again to see that scenery. I just imagined that Mt. Fuji should be located around there in the cloudy sky.


I went out to see sunset during dinner.


Most of the ONSEN hotels in Japan serve both dinner and breakfast. Usually both dinner and breakfast are full of local specialties and chef cooks these local specialties in the best way. This is one of the most typical Japanese way of hospitality “おもてなし (OMOTENASHI)”. However, just one thing I don’t like is that the dinner time is almost same wherever you stay. In most cases, the dinner time at ONSEN hotel is 6:00 pm, 7:00 pm or 8:00 pm at the latest. It cannot be helped considering the working time of hotel staff, but what I don’t like this is because the dinner time is almost same with the best time of sunset. I don’t want to miss the sunset.


The dinner at this hotel is fabulous with full of local fresh seafood. “ISABA” which is the name of this hotel used to mean fishing grounds, fish markets, or fish merchants. And after mid Edo Period, this word means fish wholesalers and fish brokers. Since the ancestors of this hotel were fish wholesalers, this name “ISABA” has been succeeded till now. That is why this hotel serves amazing fresh seafood.


Especially, 伊勢海老 (ISE EBI / Japanese spiny lobster), 高足ガニ (TAKA ASHI GANI / Japanese spider crab), and 活きアワビ (IKI AWABI / Alive abalone) which are unloaded at HEDA Port, SURUGA Bay, are their signature dishes. TAKA ASHI GANI is surprisingly big. I had only seen that big crab at aquarium before, but this is the specialty unloaded at HEDA Port and sold in a high price.


Other than that, very rare deep sea fish “TORO BOCCHI” is a precious fish which only a small amount can be unloaded, and I guess here is the only place for you to fully enjoy it. The salt named “戸田塩 (HEDA Salt)” is also a local specialty and it was presented to Japanese Emperor in the past. This salt is super smooth and brings out the flavor of each food. In addition, SHABU SHABU of WAGYU is also served, and I was so full and satisfied.







In the middle of dinner, the time for the best sunset had come. I went out from the dining room and saw the west. There, the breath-taking sunset reflecting at cloud and ocean. The best time to see sunset is 30 minutes after the sun goes down to horizon. That “Magic hour” is really amazing.



Ocean in the morning is also super.


It is really happy to bathe in ONSEN in the early morning as well. It is also nice to read books calmly while you are waiting for breakfast.


The breakfast with viewing fresh ocean is really refreshing. The breakfast of this hotel was continental with omelette, ham, fresh fruits on the white plate, which also refreshed me as well.



Now, why don’t you travel around IZU Peninsula and come here to see spectacular landscape with ONSEN?


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