This is the continuation of the “SUPER NATURALISTIC TOUJI YADO – Part 1”.

If you have not read Part 1, would suggest to read it before this Part 2.



Tasting the vegetables grown here.


Although the hermit recommended me to eat chicken and rabbit as well, I was not in the mood to eat them. I knew that rabbit is sometimes served in French cuisine and I myself often eat chicken, but I could not feel like eating them living right in front of me.


Thus, I decided to take vegetables from the farm. Since I didn’t know I could take vegetables from the farm here, I had brought some vegetables and seasonings from home. That’s why I just picked some additional leaves from the nature to add some colors and nutritions. Only this small portion of vegetables is enough to satisfy the stomach of one person. With thanking to the blessings of nature, I was feeling the importance of lives and the minimum amount of food necessary for our lives.



After picking vegetables, I spent long time outside watching flowers blooming in the farm and rainbow in the sky luckily, and listening to the sound of the rice plants swaying in the breeze. My home town also used to have similar scenery in my childhood, but it has changed to apartments and parking lots now. I cannot hear frog’s song any more in my hometown.




In many towns in Japan, chime or music is played at 5:00 pm. This is a traditional kind of audio signal to tell kids playing outside it’s time to go home. It’s been a while since I listened to this music last time. I sang this song loudly as if I went back to my childhood. Now it’s time I also go back to hotel.


Cooking at kitchen before sunset.


There is a kitchen just like your home at the lodging area of this hotel. Frying pans and plates are equipped, but no seasonings, thus you need to prepare seasonings by yourself. Since I have brought a little vegetables and seasonings by my own, I cooked them with adding a little more vegetables which I just picked from the farm. I selected “half self-catering package” so that brown rice and miso soup were served by the hotel while I needed to cook dishes by myself. There is a dining room at the main building KOMINKA (Japanese old traditional house) where I checked in, and you can enjoy eating at this dining room.





Once cooking was done, I found out that this portion was still a little too much for only myself. Thus I went to the owner hermit to share some to him. In return, he gave me some local SAKE (Japanese alcohol). This is a kind of barter which people used to do at TOUJI YADO!



This hotel offers you several packages. Half self-catering package which I chose is that the hotel serves only brown rice and miso soup and the others have to be handled by yourself. Full self-catering package is that the hotel serves no food and you handle everything to eat by picking up vegetables or meats in the farm to cook by yourself. Hermit’s fasting package is that the hotel only serves soup for the breakfast and porridge of brown rice for dinner. Also you can purchase these organic rice and vegetables of natural farming at a reasonable price. In addition, the owner takes you to the supermarket if you want to buy something there. This is really the best TOUJI YADO for those who are seriously thinking of fasting or dietary improvement. Other than that, they also offer the normal stay of 1 night 2 meals as well, it would be good to try and experience a part of TOUJI style.


Free time, free way to spend


I think what TOUJI attracts us is its freedom. If you stay at the normal ONSEN hotel, they serve two meals (dinner and breakfast) and the time for meals is decided by the hotel. Regardless what time you had lunch, even though you had lunch a little late, once you check-in the hotel in the afternoon, the hotel tells you what time dinner will be served. Therefore, I sometimes feel a bit stressful that I have to eat my lunch a little earlier before check-in. Even though this is not really a guest friendly, but this is the typical style of current Japanese ONSEN hotel. However, on the other hand, TOUJI YADO is very flexible as you can cook and eat by yourself anytime you want.




Moreover, there is one more thing which you can do at TOUJI YADO while you cannot do at ONSEN hotel. That is to spend slow time to look at sunset. Sunset is beautiful not only when the sun goes down to the horizon, but also it gets more beautiful in the “Magic hour” during 30 minutes after the sunset. Normally, the time ONSEN hotels serve you dinner is almost the same time of the sunset, thus you cannot fully enjoy it. Or, even though you can take a quick look at it, you have to rush to the dinner. If you stay at TOUJI YADO instead, you don’t have to worry about it because you can arrange your dinner time by yourself.


After cooking and drinking a bit of SAKE which I bartered with the owner, It became the time for the sunset. I left my dinner on the table and went out to see it. Saying good bye to the sun going down to a hill at the back, I have enjoyed “Magic hour” for a while like 20 minutes, then came back to dinner again. I felt good even though my dinner got a bit cold.



At night. The season when fireflies fluttering is highly recommended.


The river here is really beautiful, and that’s why a lot of fireflies live here. Both GENJI BOTARU and HEIKE BOTARU (two major species of fireflies in Japan) live here.


At night, the owner takes us to the farm to see those fireflies. It was really a wonderful and relaxing time. Shining stars and shining fireflies.


I’ve heard that male fireflies are flashing fast and female fireflies wait at leaves with flashing slowly and calmly. The fast flash comes onto slow flash. Two flash become one on leaves and light disappear.


Amazing bath in the morning.


Intoxicated with the beauty of fireflies, I drank the rest of SAKE and got late.


It is said that it’s better to bathe in lukewarm water at night and warmer water in the morning. The reason being, the lukewarm water affects your parasympathetic nerve and lead you to a good sleep, and warmer water affects sympathetic nerve and make you wake up feeling good. Since the water temperature of ONSEN here is a bit warmer, it’s the best to wake you up perfectly. Bathing in the hand-made open air bath was really relaxing.



Self-catering for breakfast.


It’s time to feed my body fully awake. Again, the rice and miso soup were served by the hotel and the rest was my role. I became mood that I want to eat an egg, and asked the owner if there’s any egg at the henhouse.


“Sorry, no egg today. They didn’t lay eggs today.”


This was also something that the scales fell from my eyes. I eat eggs everyday, and I always keep eggs in my fridge. I haven’t appreciated for the fact that I can eat eggs everyday, because it’s just an obvious thing to get eggs at the supermarket whenever you want to eat, if you live in the city. Although I thought there must be plenty of fresh eggs at henhouse, but I was wrong. Chickens are also living and it’s quite natural that they sometimes lay eggs and sometimes don’t. I was so thankful to chickens to let me notice the obvious things like this.



I wanted to stay longer here. Being surrounded by nature, you could notice what is needed for human beings and what isn’t. Actually, it is said that TOUJI YADO is the place you would better to stay at least for 7 days. Different from Western medicines, Oriental medicines are not something that can make a drastic change. Healing and curing slowly and carefully. TOUJI at ONSEN is also similar. It improves your self healing power and strengthens yourself enough to cure by yourself. Although this time was my first trial of 1-day TOUJI, I was able to learn a lot of things both mentally and physically through this trip. Why don’t you try this JOMON style natural TOUJI?


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