TATSUMI YU – the SENTO which is the closest from KIYOSUMI TEIEN.


KIYOSUMI TEIEN (KIYOSUMI Garden) is a famous Japanese traditional garden which KOTO Ward of Tokyo is proud of. Every weekend, a lot of people come to this garden and spend a good time. A SENTO that I would like to introduce today is located very close to this KIYOSUMI TEIEN.


Around here, there are several artistic places from traditional ones to modern ones, such as FUKAGAWA EDO Museum, Blue Bottle Coffee (which opened several years ago and came into fashion among young generations), and MOT which is The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.


Although I don’t know how much these things have affected it, the entrance of this SENTO “TATSUMI YU” also looks like the entrance of some modern art museums, and people might not notice it is the entrance of SENTO at a glance. At the both sides of the entrance, there are beautiful flowers planted which also doesn’t look like an entrance of SENTO usually.


 Is this really the entrance of TATSUMI YU??


I was walking around there for a while because I was not really sure if this is the entrance of SENTO, but I found a blackboard. It says “Is friend the only important thing for kids?” What?? I was rather confused because none of SENTO, Japanese traditional public bath, says something like this. This has to be somewhere like school? Then I kept reading what was written in the board.



It says,

“Communication. It is SENTO where kids can learn how to communicate and interact with the others the best. There are family, school, and society around kids, and among this society, SENTO has been playing an important role for people to communicate and interact with each other for a long time. As a place to experience the society, why don’t you come to SENTO with your kids? Communication makes your kids grow. On the 5th day of every month, elementary school kids are welcomed to take a bath free of charge. Let’s bathe in a big bath with your grandpa, grandma, dad, mom, and communicate with each other! TATSUMI YU”.


What a touching sentence this is. I was kind of moved, because it is just a SENTO, public bath, but they have been contributing the society and they are aware of their own role in the society. Actually there are a lot of young families around here, and I hope those young families also feel something when they see this sentence, and hope they are also coming to SENTO.


Don’t hesitate because there is no BANDAI here but the reception.


Japanese traditional SENTO usually has BANDAI which is the attendant’s booth right between the men’s changing room and women’s changing room. Sometimes even Japanese, especially young people hesitate to be naked in front of the staff sitting at BANDAI. However, here at TATSUMI YU, there is no BANDAI, but normal reception and you don’t need to be naked in front of the staff. There has been more and more this kind of new type SENTO which doesn’t have BANDAI but the reception for the sake of people’s comfort. I personally feel a little sad if this traditional BANDAI is to disappear, though…


It opens at 2 pm at the weekend, and it is the best time to come here.


It is good to come here right after they open so that you can enjoy pure spring which nobody has bathed yet. Another thing which I like here is that they have very wide open window and you can feel the sunshine. The floor tile of the bathtub is yellow and it looks shining with sunshine from the window, as if it is a golden bath. It is absolutely comfortable and relaxing to bathe in the spring with bathing in the sun.


In addition, the bathtub here is so big. That also makes you more comfortable and relaxing.


There’s much more – open air bath.


This big bathtub inside the bathroom is big enough to enjoy, but there’s much more here. They also have an open air bath. It just looks like ONSEN hotel. The water temperature of this open air bath is a little lower than that of inside, so that you can stay long there. They sometimes provide YAKU YU (medicinal bath), and this open air bath is where they do this YAKU YU.


At the below link, you can see 360 degree picture of this SENTO, for your reference.



There is a garden and rest area next to open air bath.


In addition to this open air bath, there is a garden and rest area next to it. At this rest area, there are a lot of magazines and a TV as well so that you can fully relax. You can repeat bathing and resting with reading magazines and chatting with your friends.


Why don’t you come here right at the opening at 2 pm and spend a slow time here.


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