There’s nothing but peace – Shikanoshima, Fukuoka Prefecture

A historical island – Shikanoshima Island.


Shikanoshima Island is a historical island in Fukuoka Prefecture where most of Japanese people have learnt at history class of the school. This is the place where the gold seal “KAN NO NA NO WA NO KOKUO” the king of Han Dynasty of China had given to the King of Japan in the ancient times was excavated in 1784. At Edo Period, a farmer found this gold seal when he was plowing his field. Since Shikanoshima Island is geographically close to China and Korea, it is thought to be the gateway of Japan in the past.


Although I also learned this history in the classroom, but I have not visited this place so far. That is why this time I have decided to visit this island when I had a chance to go to Fukuoka for my business trip.


It takes 15 minutes from JR Hakata Station to JR Kashii Station by train. Transferring to another line and takes another 25 minutes to JR Saitozaki Station. This station is the northernmost tip of Fukuoka Prefecture and where Shikanoshima is located. The hotel I stayed “Kyukamura Shikanoshima” has a pick-up shuttle to this station. It is very surprising that you can reach to this peaceful island only in 40 minutes from the city!



There is nothing but vending machine around this station and so peaceful.


GENKAI NADA – True blue sea.


I have arrived at Shikanoshima Island, and what surprised me first was its true blue sea and beautiful sand beach of GENKAI NADA. On the way to reach here, there is a park named KIN IN KOEN (Gold seal park) where the ancient gold seal was excavated, and also MOUKO TSUKA (Mongolia Mound), the mounds for Mongol warriors at Mongolian Invasions of 1274 and 1281.



Nothing else at all.


There are some people walking along the beach. Some seem to come motorcycle touring from Fukuoka City, and some seem to be living nearby. Anyway, there is no sightseeing spots or anything else here.








But actually, having nothing to do here rather made me feel relax. Just watching sea, sky, and sun. I have kept watching the sunset for a long time, and it was perfect.



Did you know that the attractiveness of sunset is not only when the sun going down, but also after that? After the sun completely goes down to the horizon, please keep watching for 30 minutes more. It is called “Magic Hour” and the color of sky changes gradually from light pink to light purple, then further changes to dark orange. This is my best favorite time to see sunset.






The one and only hotel in Shikanoshima Island – KYUKAMURA SHIKANOSHIMA.


This hotel has natural ONSEN! It is really a nice location because you can see the sunset of beautiful sea GENKAINADA from the open air bath of this hotel. The spring quality is sodium / calcium / strong chloride spring, and this makes your skin smoother. I recommend you to bathe in this ONSEN several times during your stay because you have plenty of time so that you can have your skin reborn.



The official website of KYUKAMURA SHIKANOSHIMA



Spring quality: Sodium / Calcium / Strong chloride spring


Easy to commute to Fukuoka City from this island.


If I work at Fukuoka City, I would live in Shikanoshima Island. It is a dream island because the access from this island to Fukuoka City is so convenient and you can commute easily everyday.


I felt like this because I found there is a ferry connecting here and Fukuoka City. The ferry terminal is located right behind the JR Saitozaki Station. Needless to say, I have decided to take this ferry on my way back to Fukuoka City. It only takes 40 minutes to Hakata ferry terminal.


This is the ferry.


Good bye Shikanoshima Island!


That is Hakata. It is so close!


This reminds me of Hong Kong. As you might know, Hong Kong is mainly divided to 2 parts, Kowloon side and Hong Kong side. People in Hong Kong usually trip back and forth between these 2 sides, such that you live in Kowloon side and your office is in Hong Kong side, or vice versa. When I stayed in Hong Kong for a long time in the past, I also did like that. Not only ferry but also there are subway and bus as well there, so that people in Hong Kong choose any of these public transportations to trip back and forth between these 2 sides. Especially, taking ferry, you can go to the other islands nearby as well. Although the city area of Hong Kong is quite developed, but once you take ferry, you can easily access to the calm and peaceful place where should be perfect place to live in. I got a similar kind of feeling here in Shikanoshima Island too.


Just 40 minutes from big city Fukuoka, you can reach to Japanese historical and peaceful island. Why don’t you visit here once?


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