Two rare natural ONSEN you can enjoy at the same time here.


The natural ONSEN springing out in Tokyo is called KURO YU and its color is black. While KAMATA (Ota Ward in Tokyo) is known for its dark black color of ONSEN, but the depth of black color of KURO YU differs depending on the area.


Here at MUSASHI KOYAMA, its KURO YU (Black ONSEN) is a little lighter black just like a tea when you compare it with the one at KAMATA. And the ONSEN here is also called a Moor hot spring which vegetable organic matter is dissolved and it has a little thickness.


SHIMIZU YU here has two kinds of ONSEN. One is KURO YU (Black ONSEN) which their official website says it is springing out from the depth of 200 meters, the stratum of 1 to 2 million years ago. It also contains sodium carbonate and metasilicic acid. The other ONSEN they have is “Gold ONSEN”.


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A SENTO where has the blackest ONSEN in Tokyo – KAISEIYU, Tokyo



This Gold ONSEN is a sodium – strong chloride hot spring. According to their official website, this Gold ONSEN is springing out from the depth of 1500 meters, the stratum of 5 million years ago! This is the first SENTO which has great depth ONSEN, and it was registered as the first SENTO where has RYOYO SEN (medical hot spring).


It is quite rare that you can enjoy two kinds of great depth ONSEN at SENTO in Tokyo.


Renovated modern SENTO in spite of its long history.



This SENTO, SHIMIZU YU has a long history since its opening in 1924, and the current owner is the third generation. In spite of that long history, it has been beautifully renovated and it looks completely modern.


There is a GANBANYOKU (stone sauna) on the second floor, exclusively for female guests, which needs 800 yen extra. Since this is the exclusive space for women, the female guests can relax and spend time freely. It is a bit dark there, so you cannot read magazine. Let’s try meditation then! At GANBANYOKU (stone sauna), it is advised to lie on your stomach first to warm your stomach and intestines.


Once you are out from ONSEN, you can enjoy chilled beer as well as ONSEN TAMAGO (soft boiled egg by ONSEN). They also have TATAMI rest area and you can spend your whole day here.


I came here because one of my local friends living nearby recommended me. This SHIMIZU YU is the SENTO loved by local people where has a long history with the local people, in spite of its renovated modern appearance. If you are in Tokyo or planning to visit Tokyo, why don’t you try this rare natural ONSEN at this SENTO?



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