BBQ of MATSUSAKA Beef, the highest ranked WAGYU – ISSHO BIN, MIE Prefecture

What is MATSUSAKA Beef?


MATSUSAKA Beef is one of the best quality WAGYU (Japanese beef) quite well known in the world. It’s also called one of the “Three best WAGYU beef” as well as KOBE Beef, YONEZAWA Beef, and OMI Beef etc. It’s interesting because the number of WAGYU brand which is unofficially called one of the “Three best WAGYU beef” is not three, though. Anyway, there’s no one in Japan who don’t know MATSUSAKA Beef, and SUKIYAKI or YAKINIKU (BBQ) of MATSUSAKA Beef are perceived as typical luxury cuisine in Japan.


However, surprisingly, I heard the information that there is a restaurant which serves BBQ of MATSUSAKA Beef in a very reasonable price, and from the moment  I heard of it, I couldn’t stop my feeling that I want to go there. After visiting ISE JINGU and OHARAI MACHI, I drove my car heading this restaurant in Matsusaka City.



ISSHO BIN – A local chain BBQ restaurant serving MATSUSAKA Beef in reasonable price.


The name of the BBQ restaurant is ISSHO BIN. ISSHO BIN in Japanese means “a big bottle (1.8 liter) of Japanese SAKE”.

Both exterior and interior look like old traditional Japanese house but very clean and cozy. Staff is very friendly, kind, and cheerful.

What surprises you first is its wide variety of menu. They serve so many kinds of parts of MATSUSAKA Beef. As you can see in the below snapshot of menu, there are 20 parts (marked in yellow) of MATSUSAKA Beef served here.



This ISSHO BIN serves “A5 rank” MATSUSAKA Beef. A5 rank is known as the highest quality of WAGYU. Usually this A5 rank MATSUSAKA Beef is used for SUKIYAKI or SHABUSHABU which fancy restaurants serve, and rarely used for BBQ. Thus, this ISSHO BIN is an invaluable restaurant where you can enjoy it. The secret why they can serve this high-quality meat in this reasonable price is because they have their own procurement channels and they purchase a head of cattle, while ordinary BBQ restaurant purchases only parts of cattle.


Taste of marbled MATSUSAKA Beef is absolutely amazing.


Look at this marbled beef!!





In this restaurant, you can also enjoy using “SHICHIRIN” which is the Japanese traditional charcoal grill. This also makes you feel exciting. the sauce on the top is their homemade secret MISO sauce which recipe has been handed down over 50 years since they opened.


Once it’s cooked, let’s eat it! You don’t need to cook too much because the beef served here is extremely fresh. The moment you put it into your mouth, you will be surprised because it is easily melted in your mouth without chewing again and again, and meat’s flavor together with it juice coming out into your mouth, which is absolutely spectacular.




Why don’t you taste BBQ of the highest ranked MATSUSAKA Beef here?






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