There are several routes to go to ISE JINGU shrine, but If you drive there, I strongly recommend to select this route. ISE SHIMA SKYLINE. This is a driveway in the sky which connects ISE and TOBA, and you can enjoy panoramic view all the way to ISE JINGU shrine. I also didn’t know the existence of this route and the car navigation system of my car recommended some other national road and prefectural road which are bigger and more convenient. But when I stopped at a convenience store to buy coffee, I found a signboard of this ISE SHIMA SKYLINE on the road by chance, and suddenly I felt like I want to adventure this route.



ISE SHIMA SKYLINE is the route to go over ASAKUMA mountain which is 556m high and lead to ISE JINGU shrine. ASAKUMA mountain is located inside the ISE SHIMA National Park and it’s registered as one of the 100 Landscapes of Japan. It’s also known as the sacred mountain representing KII Peninsula and a lot of people in the history went over this mountain to visit ISE JINGU shrine.


At the observatory on the top of ASAKUMA mountain, you can see the beautiful sunrise and people say that the magical view of a lot of small islands illuminated by sunrise is unforgettably beautiful. Even Mt. Fuji can be also seen in fine weather.



Not just the panoramic view on the way and turning your thought toward its history, but also you can enjoy various attractions at the drive-in on the top of ASAKUMA mountain. There’s an observatory foot bath which you can relax free of charge. Also there’s a postbox called “Postbox in the sky”, and you can drop postcards into this postbox. There are some restaurants as well.




After spending time slowly with a great landscape, food and foot bath, let’s drive down to ISE JINGU shrine!


Since you are on the way to the sacred & spiritual place ISE JINGU, why don’t you drive this natural & mysterious road?

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