Mix of the cultures


When I drove my car with viewing deep forest and beautiful sea of ISE SHIMA, suddenly it appeared on my sight. It’s SHIMA MEDITERRANEAN VILLAGE. I had no idea why on earth a Mediterranean town is here right inside of deep forest of Japanese traditional area, but I couldn’t stop feeling curiosity on this.



When I went inside the village, I was so surprised because it’s totally another world. The whole village exactly looks a Mediterranean town and I felt as if I were in another country. Wind I had sensed a kind of Japanese ancient history or spirit suddenly changed to relaxing breeze of a resort town in the Mediterranean Sea.





This village has several restaurants serving fresh local seafood and gift shops as well as fancy Arabic style spa which of course has natural ONSEN. Also, what surprised me was that most of these Mediterranean buildings are used as accommodation facilities and you can stay there. It must be an amazing stay where you can savor the mix of the Mediterranean resort with the Japanese spiritual panoramic view of AGO Bay and Arabic ONSEN spa.


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Peaceful lunch time


I’ve walked toward the place looked a cape inside the village because the orange-colored building on this cape looked well blended into AGO Bay and its view was perfect. Then, I suddenly noticed that this is an Mediterranean restaurant named “RIAS”. I’ve decided to have lunch here.




This restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine with fresh local seafood of ISE SHIMA. They have several choices of lunch course as well as a la carte. I ordered a lunch course with salad, pasta, dessert, and drink. Variety of local seafood which are usually used at Japanese cuisine were surprisingly matching very well with Mediterranean cuisine.





When you have ONSEN trip, you usually keep eating only luxurious Japanese cuisine at ONSEN hotel, and that is truly wonderful. But sometimes this kind of peaceful lunch with another theme would also make you relax.


Why don’t you visit this colorful village with shining sunlight, beautiful forest green and sea blue, and white and orange Mediterranean buildings?


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