Unbelievably beautiful panoramic view – AGO Bay, MIE Prefecture

What is AGO WAN (AGO Bay)?


There are only 3 ria coastlines in Kansai district of Japan, WAKASA Bay in FUKUI Prefecture, SANIN Bay across KYOTO, HYOGO and TOTTORI Prefecture, and then AGO Bay at SHIMA Peninsula in MIE Prefecture.


This AGO Bay is famous for cultivation of pearls and they have been shipped out from here since NARA period (710-794). At the present day, many people from world are coming here for the pearls.


There are around 60 islands with various shapes at this AGO Bay and its landscape is unbelievably beautiful. It’s a part of ISE SHIMA National Park and one of the islands KASHIKOJIMA island is the place where G7 ISE SHIMA SUMMIT was held in 2016.


Enjoy unbelievably beautiful landscape at YOKOYAMA Observatory


YOKOYAMA Observatory is the best place to view the beautiful islands of AGO Bay. This place has received one star in the Michelin Green Guide. Just for your reference, the meanings of its stars are below.

  • 3 stars: Worth a journey only to see this.
  • 2 stars: Worth a stop by
  • 1 star: Curious place to visit


It’s located at southern part of SHIMA Peninsula and you can enjoy the panoramic view of beautiful islands floating one after another on the ocean from this observatory located on the hill of 203m height. It’s very good for short hiking and trekking as promenade is in place and you can climb up this hill very comfortably. You can reach to the top after walking slowly for 30 minutes in the forest with breathing deeply, and then superb view is spread just in front of you. The renovation of observatory will be done by July 2018 and it will be easier to access by car. Why don’t you visit here?



YOKOYAMA Observatory deck at 200m high.


A comfortable terrace which is located a little ahead of YOKOYAMA observatory deck.


A panoramic terrace which is located further ahead.



See below for more info.

Ise-Shima National Park yokoyama Visitor Center Official Website



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