ONSEN hotel with great view of mountains and sea of ISE TOBA – IJIKA DAIICHI HOTEL KAGURA, MIE Prefecture

ONSEN hotel where you can stay slowly with viewing mountains and sea of ISE TOBA


IJIKA DAIICHI HOTEL KAGURA is an ONSEN hotel in ISE TOBA, MIE Prefecture. It has rooms with private open-air ONSEN and you can enjoy great view overlooking sea of fertility and mysterious forest from this private outside bathtub.


When you go inside your room, you will be surprised with its interior because its wooden interior with a canopied bed looks like a cottage in Ubud, Bali and totally different how Japanese ONSEN hotel usually looks. Inspite of that, it also has TATAMI Japanese room which is friendly for the guests with small kids or elderly guests.





Fertile sea and forest in ISE TOBA. This place has given human rich seafood and mountain vegetables. In this deep forest, there’s ISE JINGU shrine where worships AMATERASU (Sun Goddess) who is said to be the earliest ancestors of Japanese Emperors’ family.



Hotel on a hill


As this hotel is located on a hill, the best part of this hotel is panoramic view of a vast forest and sea which stretches as far as the horizon. At the room with private open-air ONSEN, you can exclusively enjoy bathing in ONSEN with viewing this forest and sea all day long. With sounds the forest sways and peaceful blue color of the sea, the mind seems becoming crystal clear.


As the horizon is visible from here, you can also enjoy sunrise and sunset. Thus I would recommend to stay here for 2 nights.





Taste rich seafood of ISE WAN.


Dinner and breakfast are served at private room of the Dining “HANON”. You can taste live seafood such as ISE EBI (Japanese spiny lobster) and abalone which are just caught at ISE WAN (ISE bay). Full appreciation for nature and its foods will come out from your mind.







In the morning, you can enjoy buffet with viewing sunny sea. Buffet has variety of cuisine from Japanese to continental.



Exclusive experience here


You can experience Black kite feeding around 7:00am every morning with seeing sunrise and grand ocean view at this hotel. This event feeding Black kite flying every morning makes a lot of guests happy.


Also, if you stay at a room with private open-air ONSEN, you will be given cosmetics of MIKIMOTO, a famous brand of accessories who cultivates pearls in TOBA sea.



1 hour drive to ISE JINGU shrine


There are few hotels with ONSEN around ISE JINGU shrine, while there are many here in TOBA and SHIMA. This IJIKA DAIICHI HOTEL KAGURA carries ONSEN from SAKAKIBARA ONSEN where provides one of the most excellent quality of ONSEN in MIE Prefecture. SAKAKIBARA ONSEN has a long history and used to be the place of YUGORI BA where people purified their mind and body before pilgrimage to ISE JINGU.


Bathing calmly in ONSEN in the great nature which created a vast forest of ISE JINGU. This is also an exclusive experience here. And you can reach ISE JINGU with just 1 hour drive from here.


A recommended documentary film to watch here.


There’s a documentary film under the theme of the forest of ISE JINGU, named ”Umi Yama Aida”. Although the hotel doesn’t prepare it for you, but I would recommend to buy and watch it before going to ISE JINGU. You can also watch this film at ISE GEKU MAE Umi Yama Aida Musee shop of Dandelion Chocolate only on Saturday and Sunday.


You can feel and learn about ISE JINGU, its deep and spiritual forest, and perception toward mountains and sea of Japanese people through this documentary film. By watching this beforehand, you will have a new point of view when you visit ISE JINGU.


Now, why don’t you experience trip to mountains and sea of ISE JINGU.





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