ONSEN springing out from river! – KAWAYU ONSEN, WAKAYAMA Prefecture

The culture of YUGORI


WAKAYAMA Prefecture is the place where has UNESCO world heritage “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range”. You might have also heard of “KUMANO KODO Pilgrimage Routes” which is also a world heritage where people in Edo period walked for KUMANO pilgrimage. KAWAYU ONSEN is located at this pilgrimage route.


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KAWAYU in Japanese literally means “hot spring of river”. It’s an amazing place where ONSEN is springing out from river and this has been natural gift for many people who passed this route from long long time ago. People used to do YUGORI which is to purify their mind & body with ONSEN on the way of pilgrimage. It also had a meaning that they release their weariness of travel by ONSEN on the long way to sacred place. ONSEN used to function like doctors, medicines, or therapy here.


Once you bathe in, you will feel like you are becoming one with river, surrounded by the nature. You may feel like you are also a part of the nature, and your mind & body floating up.




Not just open air bath, but also there is bath inside as well.


Spring quality: Simple thermal hot spring

Drinking effect: Gastrointestinal disease, Diabetes, Gout

Bathing effect: Neuralgia, Diabetes


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