The town named ONSEN – YUMURA ONSEN, HYOGO Prefecture

Is the name of this town “ONSEN”!?

There is a town which literally has “ONSEN” and “YU (hot water)” in its address. It’s located at YUMURA ONSEN in HYOGO Prefecture. Right after I heard of the name of this town, it’s become the place I definitely want to visit.


In winter, you can see rice terrace covered with snow on the way.



“ARAYU”, hot spring source at YUMURA ONSEN which 98°c of hot spring is springing out.


It is said to be found by Jikakudaishi Ennin about 1150 years ago and there is his statue at ARAYU.



This town was prospered as TOUJI-BA, and this high temperature of hot spring source has helped the local people to boil eggs, potatoes, and vegetables. There are a lot of YUTSUBO and it’s enjoyable to put some foods like vegetables, crabs, and eggs into it and just wait for them boiled.




ONSEN here is colorless and transparent, and contains sodium, hydrogen carbonate, chloride, and sulfate (hypotonic,  neutral, and hyperthermal). Also it doesn’t smell at all and it’s soft. Sodium chloride spring contains salt so that it coats your skin and keeps your body warm. Hydrogen carbonate spring helps to scrap out dirt attached to your skin. Sulfate spring is good to drink and it is good for gastrointestinal disorder and liver disease. Actually drinking ONSEN is permitted here. ONSEN here is also good for baby who has weak skin as it’s neutral.



Walking on the street, I was imagining the scene that people were gathering at ARAYU, enjoying chatting with hand-washing their clothes or boiling eggs and potatoes with hot spring source when this place used to be TOUJI-BA earlier. It might be good to make a coffee with this hot spring because INSEN (drinking hot spring) is permitted here.


This YUMURA ONSEN is also known as place of “YUMECHIYO-NIKKI” a drama of 1 lady’s life which was broadcasted at NHK in 1981, and you can find some statues and memorial hall of her in this town.


KASENKYO IZUTSUYA – A long established ONSEN hotel which has 300 years of history since Edo period.


IZUTSUYA initially started their operation right next to ARAYU, and it’s a very long-established hotel where Japanese emperor came over. Although it’s a huge hotel having 400 guests capacity, each facility is very easy and smooth to access. Also private dining and spacious bath help you to stay in peace and you don’t feel so many people are staying here at all.



At check-in, you can take a rest at the lobby where you can see beautiful Japanese garden.



Welcome drink and sweets in Japanese style make you forget about the weariness of travel. This time it was Matcha and mashed sweet potatoes with sweetened chestnuts.



Their courtyard is also beautiful.


Luxury dinner with boiled crabs.


Enjoy variety of ONSEN.

Surprisingly, this hotel provides 8 bathes.


  1. Boulder bath “YAKUSHI-no-YU”
  2. Boulder bath “KANNON-no-YU”
  3. YAKUSHI-no-YU open air bath “YUME-no-YU”
  4. KANNON-no-YU open air bath “HANA-no-YU”
  5. Fine-view cypress bath “NAGOMI-no-YU”
  6. Family bath “KOTOHOGI-no-YU”
  7. Private rental open air bath “NOHOHON-no-YU”
  8. Open air cypress bath “Herb (Herbal) YU”


KANNON-no-YU has Cascading bath, Jacuzzi, and Bedrock bath as well, and you can fully enjoy the variety of ONSEN.


Also, at the rest area, you can enjoy black bean tea and Japanese jelly dessert which are local specialties here as well as chilled beer, which make you completely away from stress.




This ONSEN town is a small town where you can walk to anywhere in town within 1 hour, but there are a lot of attractive facilities. YAKUSHI-YU which is a public bath in town is inside a decent building, and there are lots of cafe and restaurants as well. There also are some butcher shops of TAJIMA beef which is one of the most excellent beef in Japan. At ARAYU, you can also enjoy foot bath. YUMURA ONSEN is an excellent place to spend your time slowly.




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