Your first experience of TOUJI – Enjoy different way of ONSEN trip

What is TOUJI?

TOUJI is Japanese ancient medical treatment and traditional curing method by healing the mind & body at ONSEN. By staying long, you can heal your weary mind & body and cure physical injuries by mysterious power of ONSEN which is dwelled in the nature. At the present day, TOUJI has become the way of detox and retreats to improve your natural healing power and psychological satisfaction. Becoming one with nature by bathing in ONSEN which has been springing out from ancient times makes your mind & body reborn and regain your true self.



TOUJI-BA is the place or area where provides ONSEN to those who would like to cure a certain diseases or injuries, as BA means place or area in Japanese. In the same way, TOUJI-YADO is the hotel or accomodation where provides ONSEN as YADO means hotel or accomodation in Japanese. At the present day, the essence to travel to TOUJI-BA / TOUJI-YADO is to improve your natural healing power and psychological satisfaction. We will introduce the best part of TOUJI and ways to spend significant time at TOUJI-BA / TOUJI-YADO for those who have not experienced TOUJI yet..



What is the difference from ONSEN trip or ONSEN hotel?

While ONSEN trip and ONSEN hotel give you an impression to have “one night two meals”, “sightseeing”, and “having fun with your friends or family” kind of enjoyable and exciting trip with gourmet as well, TOUJI-BA / TOUJI-YADO is more like the place in your daily life and you can enjoy peaceful time and strictly controlled ONSEN there. TOUJI-BA offers you not only a room to stay but also lot more things such as kitchen which you can cook by yourself to get yourself in better physical and mental condition, and some TOUJI-BA offers some options of bed and air conditioner for customers to enjoy more reasonable stay, in order for customers to stay long. However, there has been less opportunity for people to stay long at TOUJI-BA / TOUJI-YADO at the present time when medical technology is developed and people rarely take long holidays. Many TOUJI-BA / TOUJI-YADO have shifted to ONSEN towns and ONSEN hotels which serves “one night two meals”, gorgeous bed and amenities, and there has been less and less differences between TOUJI-YADO and ONSEN hotels recently. What is attractive about TOUJI-BA / TOUJI-YADO is that they provide fresh “GENSEN KAKENAGASHI” (water comes directly from the hot spring source) which is unbelievably amazing to heal yourself and also they have long history thus you can enjoy the traditional Japanese architect and room as well. In addition, TOUJI-YADO usually don’t dare offer porter service nor bed making service. This reflects that TOUJI trip is not the special trip but it’s an arrangement of idea of “staying like living” as if it’s an extension of your daily life.


Essence of staying at TOUJI-BA / TOUJI-YADO

Initially TOUJI-BA / TOUJI-YADO used to be the place for medical care by ONSEN and most people used to stay long alone. Many TOUJI-YADO provide kitchen for customers to cook by themselves to improve their eating habits. Therefore, most of TOUJI-YADO welcome solo stay while many ONSEN hotels aren’t so positive to it, and this style fits people who want to travel alone in the weekend with separate lodging from meals. Also, different from gorgeous ONSEN trip which you treat yourself, you can experience the trip to heal yourself as if you are just living there with focusing on self curing, reset, and retreats. The essence of TOUJI-BA is that nothing served there makes you able to freely arrange your own stay to regain yourself. You can muse yourself, focus on reading books which you wanted to, having a walk in the nearby forest, and whatever you want to or wanted to. If you are alone, you might be able to explore the back street as if you are local. Or if you are couple or family, you can stay calmly and peacefully with whom you love.



Basic flow of staying at TOUJI-YADO

1. Check-in

Once you check in, take a rest at your room. Relieve the weariness of the travel with some tea and sweets served. This tea and sweets also play an important role to enjoy ONSEN more. Taking water and sugar prevent you from the dizziness when bathing.

2. Rehydration at ONSEN

Some TOUJI-YADO allows you drink ONSEN, so please check with the staff if you can. There are some cases outside Japan where utilizes ONSEN for drinking purpose rather than bathing in. Drinking ONSEN which contains plenty of mineral helps you improve indigestion and constipation. It all depends on quality/type of hot spring and some ONSEN has contraindication of drinking for particular disease, so would recommend to ask the hotel staff for detail.



3. Let’s go to ONSEN!

Although you might want to bathe in ONSEN again and again during your stay, once to 3 times on the first day, 5 to 10 min each time, is said to be the best way to enjoy its effect. As ONSEN contains various minerals and your skin absorbs them gradually, bathing too much times and duration is not recommended. You should get your body accustomed to it by doing KAKEYU which is to pour hot water on yourself before entering the bathtub. Without KAKEYU, your body will be surprised.



4. Take a rest for 1 hour before dinner

After bathing in ONSEN, it’s better to take a rest for 1 hour before dinner. Your blood circulation gets smoother and it’s said better to take a rest to digest the food well. While taking a rest, you should drink much water and stay calm. Better to lay down. You can also cook simply in the kitchen.

5. Take another rest even after dinner

Your stomach focuses on digesting the food thus much blood gather there after dinner. If you bathe in ONSEN right after eating, such good circulation of blood will be easily broken and it leads to indigestion. Thus we would recommend to stay calm after dinner. Needless to say, it’s not advisable to bathe in ONSEN after drinking alcohol.

6. Bathing in morning also needs rest beforehand

Your body lacks water and blood circulation is bad right after you wake up. Therefore, it’s not recommended to bathe first thing in the morning. Drink a lot of water first, then once your body is fully awake, it’s the best time to bathe.


Suggested way to spend time at TOUJI-BA / TOUJI-YADO

Staying at TOUJI-BA / TOUJI-YADO is freedom. Some might prefer 1 night 2 days trip, but we strongly recommend 2 nights 3 days at the minimum and stay just like living there. Then you can ease yourself who usually works hard, and bring back your natural self-healing power which human beings originally had.

  • Tons of books which you wanted to read.
  • Creative work. Staying at calm TOUJI-YADO inspires you with new idea.
  • Look into yourself. Spending afternoon with doing meditation or Zen meditation.
  • Try Yoga with birdsong in the calm morning.
  • Apart from sightseeing, just take a walk as if you are living there.
  • Cook with local vegetables in the kitchen.
  • Trust the power of ONSEN and improve your natural self-healing power. Regain yourself.


How to select your best-fit TOUJI-BA / TOUJI-YADO

Many of TOUJI-YADO is divided into TOUJI section and hotel section. Hotel section offers you meals and beds, while TOUJI section only provides them optionally.

– Confirm meal option

TOUJI-YADO offers you various meal option such as cook-yourself option, 1 soup – 1 dish option, 1 soup – 3 dishes option, 1 night 2 meals option etc, and you can choose your best-fit option. In case you can find supermarket nearby, you might feel better to cook by yourself using some local vegetables. Or you might be able to find some local signature dishes at some restaurants nearby.

– Check out other options as well.

Some TOUJI-YADO offers bed and air conditioner as optional. It’s better to check website or make a phone call to them beforehand.

– Make a good use of hotel section as well.

If you just want to experience TOUJI a bit in a short stay like 1 night 2 days, you might be better to select TOUJI-YADO where has hotel section as well. You can see some differences between TOUJI- YADO and hotel and it’s good to ask staff about TOUJI.

– Check out the access.

You definitely need to check out how to access to TOUJI-YADO beforehand. There are many cases that TOUJI-YADO is providing private transportation for the guests.



Convenient stuff to take with you

– Extension cord

Most of TOUJI-YADO are very old and such old accomodations often don’t have much electrical outlet in the room. If you want to do your work remotely at TOUJI-YADO, it’s advisable to take an extension cord and it helps you to charge your laptop and mobile.

– Amenities / Toiletries

Recently, many TOUJI-YADO have come to equip enough amenities and toiletries, but there are many cases in some traditional TOUJI-YADO that even toothbrush is an optional. It’s better to check them beforehand and take your own if needed.

– Wi-Fi router

Some TOUJI-YADO nowadays have equipped Wi-Fi environment as well, but it would be better to check beforehand. If not, let’s take Wi-Fi router by yourself.

– Individually wrapped seasoning

It costs much if you buy big cans of seasoning for your cooking in short trip, isn’t it? If you think of cooking by yourself, check with TOUJI-YADO if they have seasoning there, and if not, it’s better to take each of them in small portion.



Now, why don’t you start experiencing TOUJI, a better way of enjoying ONSEN.


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